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 Travel Monthly Quarter-Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Monthly is included in every edition of the Brisbane Sun
The next Travel Monthly feature is being published in our edition of February 5, 2014.
As well as the Brisbane Sun, the feature is also being published in the Sydney News and Melbourne Observer newspapers.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Brisbane Sun distributed? 

Across the entire Brisbane metropolitan area, through more than 200 selected outlets.
Click here for details.


 How can I see a copy of the Brisbane Sun?


You can pick up a copy of the Brisbane Sun at any of these outlets.
Or you can read a copy online - at this website.


 Where do I see a sample quarter-page?


Click here. It's in PDF format (you need Adobe Acrobat).


 When is the booking/copy deadline?

Convenient booking and copy times

We have a booking deadline of 4pm, Friday, January 31, 2014
Material deadline is 4pm,
4pm, Friday, January 31, 2014. 
Make your booking, by e-mailing or by phoning 1-800 231 311, or fax to 1-800 231 312.


 What about proofs/previews?


We do not provide proofs/previews as part of discounted offers.
But you have the ability to control all content, with the option of providing all wording and photos.


 Do I receive a copy of the newspaper?


Yes, as a matter of company policy, we always mail a copy of the newspaper to all advertisers.
This is done immediately upon publication.


 How do I get the maximum discount?

It's Easy!

I realise that to get the discount, I am to pre-pay. But I don't use a Credit Card. What do I do?
We have a number of payment options.
Direct Debit: simply transfer your payment to 033-091 26-0131. Local Media Pty Ltd, Westpac, Melbourne.
Cheque/Money Order: post your payment to reach our Head Office before the deadline: PO Box 1278, Research, Vic 3095.

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Head Office: 30 Glen Gully Road, Eltham, Vic 3095
Phone: 1-800 231 311. Fax: 1-800 231 312.
International Phone: (03) 9439 9927. Fax: (03) 9431 6247

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