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Material Specifications

The Brisbane Sun has quality assurance methods prior to material being accepted for publication.


 Page Dimensions

Page Dimensions

Full Page: 37cm x 8cols is 370mm (height) x 260mm (width)

Half-Page: 175mm height x 260mm width (8 cols)

Quarter-Page: 175mm height x 128mm width (4 cols) 



Screen Ruling

Mono 85lpi
Colour 100lpi

Page Requirements

* 3cm minimum depth
* 6 column tabloid advertisements are not acceptable
* Maximum tabloid size is 30cm x 8 column unless full page


We accept all supplied artwork for PC.
We accept CD-ROM and DVD. 3.5-inch Floppy Disks will not be accepted.
A colour proof must be supplied with all disk artwork.


No compressed graphics will be accepted (ZIP or Stuff-It files will not be accepted)
No Freehand documents will be accepted
No Corel Draw documents will be accepted
No 'Microsoft Powerpoint' documents will be accepted
No 'Microsoft Word' documents will be accepted
No 'Microsoft Publisher' documents will be accepted
No film or bromide will be accepted
No Quark documents will be accepted
We cannot use artwork from a fax


 Preferred Documents


We prefer Acrobat Distiller PDFs. Use only the PDF Distiller settings provided. Use only Acrobat Distiller to create the PDF.
Do not use the PDF Writer. Do not use PDF filter within the application, for example, Indesign.
Send PDF as an attachment. Clearly indicate the date the ad is to appear, size and publication in which it will be appearing.
The image area of the PDF must be the exact size of the ad to appear. Do not provide bleed or crop marks.


We prefer JPG or TIF format with no compression
All custom colours and RGB must be converted to CMYK
When building advertisements, do not have type under 14-point bold coming out of more than two colours. This is requested for page registration purposes.
Pictures must be 200dpi in an .EPS or (preferably) .TIF format. Internet pictures at 72dpi are not acceptable.


 Dot Gain

Dot Gain

30% dot gain
Maximum Ink Saturation 230%
Ensure RGB to CMYK colour setting in Photoshop is SWOP Newspaper


 Material Delivery

Delivery Details

All complete display advertising material for the Brisbane Sun (full-colour, spot-colour and mono) must be sent electronically.
DO NOT send to our Brisbane local office.
Please send to  
Alternate e-mail addresses are: ,  or 


 Design and Artwork


The Brisbane Sun can arrange to design and create your advertisement for $10.00 per single column centimetre.
For more information on our design service, phone our Advertising Department on 1-800 231-311.



Head Office: 30 Glen Gully Road, Eltham, Vic 3095
Phone: 1-800 231 311. Fax: 1-800 231 312.
International Phone: (03) 9439 9927. Fax: (03) 9431 6247

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